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Nikola at the
age of five

Nikola and me
when he was five

Nikola at the
age of eight

Nikola at the
age of fifteen

Jasmina Bacic is my better half and she makes my
sun shine. She has a Ph.D in agriculture.
We like to travel a lot and enjoy life.

My father Dimitrije and mother Jelena

My father Dimitrije Dimitrijevic (1936-1983) was a professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Belgrade. He is the first one who introduced computers in Yugoslav/Serbian civil engineering and with his help I made my first steps with programming, initially on IBM 1130 and later on DEC 20. My mother Jelena Gajinovic-Dimitrijevic (1936-2014) was an architect. She was a great fighter and from her I picked up how to cope with difficulties in life.

My grandfather Dragomir and grandmother Poleksija

I got my name after my grandfather Dragomir Dimitrijevic (1890-1977). Like my father, he was also a professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Belgrade. He has built many railways and tunnels. He earned a number of medals during World War I. He told me the story how he has build the original monument to Unknown Hero near Belgrade immediately after World War I.

When they dug out the unknown young soldier, he had a tree growing out of his mouth. Namely, at the time of his sudden death, he ate fruit and had seed in his mouth. My grandmother Poleksija (1903-1973) was a professor of history and literature. She wrote books about history of Belgrade and Serbia. Her father was Todor Stosic, and her mother Natalija died young. Great-grandfather Todor remarried another Natalija and they had three sons (Slobodan, Zoran, and Dusan) and a daughter (Ljiljana). Todor's father Vasa Stosic was a mayor of the city of Aleksinac and one of the founders of Radical Party in the 19th century.

Members of my extended family

In this picture, from left to right, are: my father Dimitrije and his sister Margita (1932-2004), my grandfather Dragomir and grandmother Poleksija, and my father's brother Dragos (1934-1977). Margita was a professor of English language. She had two sons: Slobodan and Darko. Dragos, nicknamed Miki, was a lawyer. He had a daughter Ivana. When he was young, he used to play basketball for Red Star in the major league. He used to take me to basketball and football matches and I had an opportunity to hold in my hands trophy for the basketball Major League.

Great-grandfather Dusan Dimitrijevic

My great-grandfather Dusan Dimitrijevic (1856-1897) was a judge in the court of appeals. He was killed by king Milan Obrenovic because he ruled against the king and in favor of a journalist and protected freedom of press and freedom of speech. I am very proud of him. The father of Dusan was Nikola Dimitrijevic. My grandfather Dragomir called him "deda Nika" (Grandpa Nika).

Great-grandmother Draga Dimitrijevic and her children

This picture was made more than a hundred years ago, in 1897. It shows my great-grandmother Draga Dimitrijevic (1864-1946) and her five children. My grandfather Dragomir is on the right-hand side. He was only six years old when his father Dusan was killed. In the picture are also his brother Jovan (1888-1908), sister Ruzica (1885-1928), and two other sisters.

Grandfather Tanasije and grandmother Mira Gajinovic

My grandfather Tanasije Gajinovic <1892-1965) was a veterinarian. No wander that as a child, I heard many stories about their animals: Lisko - the horse, Briki - the dog, Miki - the cat, Pakaja - the duck, Pirga - the rooster, Cira - the pig and many others. I have spend a number of great summers in his village of Turija. The villagers hold a Guinniss record for the longest sausage in the world they made (more than 2000 meters). My grandmother Mira (1900-1982) took care of their five children. She was raised in the family of seamen and captains.

Grandmother Mira with children

This is my grandmother Mira and her five children. My mother Jelena is the youngest child so they nicknamed her Beba (baby). Sister Aleksandra was an art teacher. Sister Ljilja was a lawyer. The eldest sister Angelina was a singer. Brother Stevan was a doctor and had a daughter Svetlana.

Grandfather Tanasije and his blue Renault

Grandfather Tanasije had the first car in the city of Novi Sad. It was a blue Renault with dark orange leather seats.

Great-grandfather Stevan and great-grandmother Angelina Gajinov

My great-grandfather Stevan Gajinov made chariots. His father was Maksim, grendfather Mata, great-grandfather Tanasije, and great-great-grandfather Vicentije. This is his family tree.
My great-grandmother Angelina was a midwife. After great-grandfather died, she raised her three sons Ilija, Djoka, and my grandfather Tanasije. They all became veterinarians. Ilija died young while Djoka was one of founders of the Faculty of Veterine at the University of Belgrade.